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English to Afrikaans Meaning
rusie, wrok, geskil, moeite, geraas, ry, onderonsie, konflik, twis, wedstryd, stryd, muss, IMBROGLIO
karp by, vitterij, rusie, moeite, gekibbel, geskil, altercate, tree op, stryd, stoei, mededinger, skep 'n probleem, skep 'n versteuring, beweer, verskil
twis, debat, argument, rusie, argumenteer, borsbeeld-up

Quarrel    :rusie


Quarrel - rusie

Quarreled :: gestry

Quarreler :: quarreler

Quarrelers :: quarrelers

Quarreling :: twis

Quarrelling :: twis

Quarrels :: rusies

Quarrelsome :: bakleierig


Related Words

1. to quarrel :: om te stry


1. argument :: argument

2. disagreement :: onenigheid

3. squabble :: gekibbel

4. fight :: stryd

5. dispute :: geskil

6. wrangle :: gekibbel

7. clash :: botsing

8. altercation :: onderonsie

9. feud :: vete

10. contretemps :: contretemps

11. disputation :: woordestryd

12. falling-out :: uitval

13. war of words :: oorlog van woorde

14. shouting match :: geskree wedstryd

15. tiff :: tiff

16. run-in :: hardloop in

17. hassle :: moeite

18. blowup :: opblaas

19. row :: ry

20. shitstorm ::


21. argue :: argumenteer

22. fight :: stryd

23. disagree :: verskil

24. fall out ::

25. differ :: verskil

26. be at odds :: wees in stryd

27. bicker :: kibbel

28. squabble :: gekibbel

29. cross swords :: kruis swaarde

30. lock horns :: slot horings

31. be at each other's throats ::

32. altercate :: altercate

Different forms

quarrel, quarreled, quarreler, quarrelers, quarreling, quarrelling, quarrels, quarrelsome

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: quarrel
Meaning and definitions of quarrel, translation in Afrikaans language for quarrel with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of quarrel in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What quarrel means in Afrikaans, quarrel meaning in Afrikaans, quarrel definition, examples and pronunciation of quarrel in Afrikaans language.

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