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English to Afrikaans Meaning
selfvoldaan, gunstige, genadig, benigne, minzaam, luisterryke, bevorderlik, nuttig, grasieuse

Propitious    :genadig


Propitious - genadig

Propitiously :: propitiously

Unpropitious :: ongunstig


Related Words

1. propitious :: genadig


1. favorable :: gunstige

2. auspicious :: luisterryke

3. promising :: belowende

4. providential :: voorsienige

5. advantageous :: voordelig

6. optimistic :: optimisties

7. bright :: helder

8. rosy :: rooskleurig

9. heaven-sent :: hemel-gestuur

10. hopeful :: hoopvol

11. opportune :: gunstige

12. timely :: tydige


1. bleak :: somber

2. dark :: donker

3. depressing :: depressiewe

4. desperate :: desperate

5. dismal :: somber

6. dreary :: somber

7. gloomy :: somber

8. hopeless :: hopeloos

9. inauspicious :: ongelukkig

10. pessimistic :: pessimistiese

11. unlikely :: onwaarskynlik

Different forms

propitious, propitiously, unpropitious

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: propitious
Meaning and definitions of propitious, translation in Afrikaans language for propitious with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of propitious in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What propitious means in Afrikaans, propitious meaning in Afrikaans, propitious definition, examples and pronunciation of propitious in Afrikaans language.

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