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prop, kurkprop, kraan, Bibb
kurkprop, prop, punch, vuist gevecht, vuis, boks, buffet, skiet, vuur, fusillade, watersnip

Plug    :prop


Plug - prop

Plugs :: proppe

Unplug :: koppel

Unplugs :: unplugs


Related Words


1. stopper :: prop

2. wad :: prop

3. advertisement :: advertensie

4. jade :: jade

5. sparking plug :: vonkend prop

6. fire hydrant :: brandkraan

7. hoopla :: hoopla

8. stopple :: stop sluit

9. male plug :: manlike plug


10. stop (up) ::

11. publicize :: publiseer

12. shoot :: skiet

13. plug away :: prop weg

14. punch :: punch

15. secure :: verseker

Different forms

plug, plugs, unplug, unplugs

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: plug
Meaning and definitions of plug, translation in Afrikaans language for plug with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of plug in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What plug means in Afrikaans, plug meaning in Afrikaans, plug definition, examples and pronunciation of plug in Afrikaans language.

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