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English to Afrikaans Meaning
spel, speel, frats, tydverdryf, vermaak, onbenullighede, drama, stuk, optrede, Waarnemende, verteenwoordiging, effense, sport, leeuwerik
speel, kleinigheid, aaien, werk, blaas, klink, plof, ring, Dally, speelding, vinger, skuur, sirkuleer, lei, aansoek doen

Play    :speel


Play - speel

Plath :: Plath

Platy :: plaatvormige

Platys :: platys

Playable :: speelbaar

Played :: gespeel

Playing :: speel

Plays :: speel


Related Words

1. to play :: om te speel


1. amusement :: vermaak

2. drama :: drama

3. action :: aksie

4. behavior :: gedrag

5. movement :: beweging

6. looseness ::

7. gambling ::

8. frolic :: dartel

9. turn :: draai

10. shimmer :: blink

11. free rein :: vrye teuels

12. sport :: sport

13. bid :: bod

14. swordplay :: skerms

15. maneuver :: maneuver

16. child's play :: Kinder speletjies


17. amuse oneself :: vermaak jouself

18. take part in :: neem deel aan

19. compete against :: kompeteer teen

20. act (the part of) ::

21. perform :: uit te voer

22. make :: maak

23. dance :: dans

24. bring :: bring

25. recreate :: herskep

26. fiddle :: viool

27. act as :: tree op as

28. run :: run

29. wager :: verbintenis

30. act :: daad

31. toy :: speelding

32. trifle :: kleinigheid

33. take on :: aanvat

34. spiel :: Spiel

35. flirt :: flankeer


Different forms

plath, platy, platys, play, playable, played, plays

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: play
Meaning and definitions of play, translation in Afrikaans language for play with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of play in Afrikaans and in English language.

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