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English to Afrikaans Meaning
parasiet, sycophant, mignon, flikflooier, epifyt
parasiet, spons

Parasite    :parasiet


Parasite - parasiet

Parasites :: parasiete


Related Words

1. malarial parasite :: malaria parasiet


1. hanger-on :: hanger-op

2. cadger ::

3. leech :: Leech

4. passenger :: passasier

5. bloodsucker :: bloedsuier

6. sponger ::

7. bottom feeder :: onderkant voerder

8. scrounger ::

9. freeloader ::

10. mooch :: schooien

Different forms

parasite, parasites

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: parasite
Meaning and definitions of parasite, translation in Afrikaans language for parasite with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of parasite in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What parasite means in Afrikaans, parasite meaning in Afrikaans, parasite definition, examples and pronunciation of parasite in Afrikaans language.

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