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English to Afrikaans Meaning
pyn, arbeid, ellende, angs, vulpen, inflammasie, arbeid pyn, baar, swaarkry, ergernis, bedeling, nood
pyn, beroering, aanstoot, lei, roer, nood, marteling, moeilikheid, kwellen, seer, ail, gryp, prik, hartseer, bedroewe, perturbate
pyn, arbeid pyn

Pain    :pyn


Pain - pyn

Pained :: angs

Painful :: pynlike

Paining :: paining

Painless :: pynloos

Pains :: pyne


Related Words

1. no pain no gain :: geen pyn geen wins


1. suffering :: ly

2. ache :: pyn

3. sorrow :: hartseer

4. care :: sorg

5. painfulness ::

6. nuisance :: oorlas

7. painful sensation :: pynlike sensasie

8. hurting ::

9. annoyance :: ergernis


10. hurt :: seer

11. sadden :: hartseer

12. ail :: ail


1. negligence :: nalatigheid

Different forms

pain, pained, painful, paining, painless

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: pain
Meaning and definitions of pain, translation in Afrikaans language for pain with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of pain in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What pain means in Afrikaans, pain meaning in Afrikaans, pain definition, examples and pronunciation of pain in Afrikaans language.

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