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English to Afrikaans Meaning
spot, bespotting, vasvra, ironie, sarkasme, gag, grap, geskerts, geestigheid, hoon
vervalste, nagemaakte, skyn, valse, kunsmatige, spot, bogus, amusante, snaaks, vrolik, onwaar, fabelagtige, leuenagtige
lag, lag vir, vasvra, bespotting, spot, twit, maak pret van, grap, geskerts, kry by, laster, hoon, skimp
spot, hoon, Razz

Mock    :spot


Mock - spot

Mocked :: bespot

Mocker :: spotter

Mockers :: spotters

Mocking :: spot

Mocks :: Mocks


Related Words


1. imitation :: nabootsing

2. artificial :: kunsmatige

3. man-made :: Mensgemaakte

4. simulated :: gesimuleerde

5. synthetic :: sintetiese

6. ersatz :: ersatz

7. fake :: vals

8. reproduction :: voortplanting

9. dummy :: dummy

10. sham :: skyn

11. false ::

12. faux :: faux

13. spurious :: onwaar

14. bogus :: bogus

15. counterfeit :: nagemaakte

16. inauthentic :: inauthentic

17. pseudo :: pseudo

18. pretend :: voorgee

19. phony :: valse


20. ridicule :: bespotting

21. jeer at :: spot by

22. sneer at :: ginnegappen by

23. deride :: spot

24. scorn :: spot

25. make fun of :: maak pret van

26. laugh at :: lag vir

27. scoff at :: spot met

28. tease :: terg

29. taunt :: spot

30. josh :: Josh

31. rag on :: jool op

32. pull/jerk/yank someone's chain ::


1. follow :: volg

2. mind :: gedagte

3. obey :: gehoorsaam

Different forms

mock, mocked, mocker, mocking, mocks

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: mock
Meaning and definitions of mock, translation in Afrikaans language for mock with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of mock in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What mock means in Afrikaans, mock meaning in Afrikaans, mock definition, examples and pronunciation of mock in Afrikaans language.

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