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English to Afrikaans Meaning
gemengde, medley, verdun, gemaak, diverse, Unsorted, verskillende soorte, promisku
versnit, meng, mengelmoes, medley, assosieer, verwar, saamgestelde, kombineer, verenig, aansluit, heg, knoop
mengsel, samestelling, meng, versnit, medley, Miscellany
medley, verward medley, linsey-Woolsey, Miscellany, olio

Medley    :medley


Medley - medley

Medleys :: Medleys



1. assortment :: verskeidenheid

2. miscellany :: Miscellany

3. mixture :: mengsel

4. mélange ::

5. variety :: verskeidenheid

6. mixed bag ::

7. grab bag :: gryp sak

8. mix :: meng

9. collection :: versameling

10. selection :: seleksie

11. potpourri :: potpourri

12. patchwork :: lappieskombers

13. bricolage :: bricolage

14. motley collection :: mengelmoes

15. ragbag :: ragbag

16. gallimaufry :: mengelmoes

17. mishmash :: mengelmoes

18. jumble :: mengelmoes

19. hodgepodge :: hutspot

20. salmagundi :: salmagundi

Different forms

medley, medleys

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: medley
Meaning and definitions of medley, translation in Afrikaans language for medley with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of medley in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What medley means in Afrikaans, medley meaning in Afrikaans, medley definition, examples and pronunciation of medley in Afrikaans language.

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