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volwasse, ryp, verslaaf, gevorderde, grys, verstok, geskoolde, full-volwasse, volwaardige, practisch
ryp, volwasse, draai grys, seisoen, veretteren, draai, verhard, rond draai, vorm, sweer, versamel

Mature    :volwasse


Mature - volwasse

Matured :: volwasse

Maturely :: volwasse

Matures :: verval

Maturing :: volwasse


Related Words

1. mature woman :: volwasse vrou


1. adult :: volwasse

2. sensible :: sinvolle

3. ripe :: ryp

4. careful :: versigtig

5. fledged ::

6. matured ::


7. be fully grown :: word volgroeide

8. grow up :: word groot

9. ripen :: ryp

10. develop :: ontwikkel

11. grow :: groei

12. suppurate :: veretteren

13. senesce :: verouder


1. green :: groen

2. immature :: onvolwasse

3. juvenile :: jeugdige

4. young :: jong

Different forms

mature, matured, maturely, matures, maturing

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: mature
Meaning and definitions of mature, translation in Afrikaans language for mature with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of mature in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What mature means in Afrikaans, mature meaning in Afrikaans, mature definition, examples and pronunciation of mature in Afrikaans language.

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