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English to Afrikaans Meaning
lig, onding, Bagatelle, nietig, prullig
lig, ligte, blonde, maklik, draagbare, helder, briljant, skitterende, blink, duidelik, verontschuldigendbaar, klein, minderwaardige, subtiele
lamp, lig, kers, brander, stok, glans, skyn, resplendence, balk, straal, kennis, wysheid, sin
aansteek, lig, vuur, verlig, irriteer, vlam, demontage, land, klim af, neerdaal

Light    :lig


Light - lig

Lighted :: verlig

Lightest :: ligste

Lighting :: beligting

Lightly :: liggies

Lightness :: lig

Lights :: ligte

Lightship :: vuur skip

Lightships :: lightships


Related Words

1. light bulb :: gloeilamp


1. bright :: helder

2. light-colored :: ligkleurige

3. fair :: billike

4. easy to lift :: maklik om op te hef

5. flimsy :: swak

6. nimble :: ratse

7. friable :: bros

8. small :: klein

9. easy :: maklik

10. gentle :: sagte

11. entertaining :: vermaaklike

12. carefree :: sorgvrye

13. unimportant :: onbelangrik

14. dizzy :: duiselig

15. idle :: idle

16. clear :: duidelik

17. short :: kort

18. swooning ::

19. lite :: Lite

20. abstemious :: nugter

21. sluttish ::

22. tripping ::

23. weak :: swak

24. wakeful :: wakker


25. lightly :: liggies


26. illumination :: verligting

27. lamp :: lamp

28. match :: wedstryd

29. daylight :: daglig

30. aspect :: aspek

31. understanding :: begrip

32. expert :: kenner

33. lighting :: beligting

34. visible light :: sigbare lig

35. spark :: vonk

36. lightness :: lig

37. light source :: Ligbron

38. ignitor ::

39. inner light :: innerlike lig

40. luminousness ::


41. set alight :: aan die brand gesteek

42. get off :: klim af

43. illume :: illume

44. ignite :: aansteek

45. alight :: aan die brand gesteek

46. fire up :: brand

47. fall :: val


1. nobody :: niemand

Different forms

light, lighted, lightest, lighting, lightly, lightness, lightship, lightships

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: light
Meaning and definitions of light, translation in Afrikaans language for light with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of light in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What light means in Afrikaans, light meaning in Afrikaans, light definition, examples and pronunciation of light in Afrikaans language.

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