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English to Afrikaans Meaning
lui, idle, luie, traag, inerte, onbewoon, moeiteloos, passiewe, staande, ondiensbaar, werkloos, onaktiewe, geen nut, nie ondernemend, gevoellose, koue
traag, wan

Lethargic    :traag


Lethargic - traag


Related Words


1. sluggish :: traag

2. inert :: inerte

3. inactive :: onaktiewe

4. underactive :: onderaktiewe

5. slow :: stadig

6. torpid :: loom

7. lifeless :: lewelose

8. languid :: slap

9. listless :: lusteloos

10. lazy :: lui

11. idle :: idle

12. indolent :: lui

13. shiftless :: onbeholpen

14. slothful :: luie

15. apathetic :: apaties

16. weary :: moeg

17. tired :: moeg

18. fatigued :: moeg


1. active :: aktiewe

Different forms


English to Afrikaans Dictionary: lethargic
Meaning and definitions of lethargic, translation in Afrikaans language for lethargic with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of lethargic in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What lethargic means in Afrikaans, lethargic meaning in Afrikaans, lethargic definition, examples and pronunciation of lethargic in Afrikaans language.

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