English to Afrikaans Meaning :: inscribe

English to Afrikaans Meaning
chip, graf, skryf, graveer, afdruk
graveer, inskryf, inroep, monster, katalogus, skedule, dossier, inlegsel, versier, verweef, string, seker maak, aanbod, opofferen, kerf, emboss

inscribe    :graveer


Inscribed :: ingeskrewe

Inscribes :: inscribes

Inscribing :: inschrijving



1. carve :: kerf

2. dedicate :: wy

3. grave :: graf

4. recruit :: werf

5. autograph :: handtekening

6. encrypt :: enkripteer

Different forms

inscribe, inscribed, inscribes, inscribing

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: inscribe
Meaning and definitions of inscribe, translation in Afrikaans language for inscribe with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of inscribe in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What inscribe means in Afrikaans, inscribe meaning in Afrikaans, inscribe definition, examples and pronunciation of inscribe in Afrikaans language.

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