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English to Afrikaans Meaning
behoeftige, hulpbehoewende, gebrekkig, behoeftig, hard-up, swak, uiters swak, benoud, miserabel, onbelangrik, nederig, brandarm, onbemiddeld, verarmde, swak gekondisioneerde
hulpbehoewende, slap, sleg af, bedelaar, onbevoorregte

Indigent    :hulpbehoewende


Indigent - hulpbehoewende

Indigently :: indigently

Indigents :: hulpbehoewendes



1. poor :: swak

2. impecunious :: onbemiddeld

3. destitute :: haweloos

4. penniless :: brandarm

5. impoverished :: verarmde

6. insolvent :: insolvent

7. poverty-stricken :: armoede-geteisterde

8. needy :: behoeftige

9. in need :: in nood

10. hard up ::

11. disadvantaged :: benadeelde

12. badly off :: sleg af

13. (flat) broke ::

14. strapped (for cash) ::

15. on skid row :: op Skid Row

16. down-and-out :: af en uit

17. penurious :: behoeftig


18. vagrant :: swerwer

19. homeless person :: hawelose persoon

20. down-and-out :: af en uit

21. beggar :: bedelaar

22. pauper :: armlastige

23. derelict :: verlate

24. have-not :: het nie

25. bum :: boude


1. affluent :: gegoede

2. fat :: vet

3. flush :: spoel

4. rich :: ryk

Different forms

indigent, indigently, indigents

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: indigent
Meaning and definitions of indigent, translation in Afrikaans language for indigent with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of indigent in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What indigent means in Afrikaans, indigent meaning in Afrikaans, indigent definition, examples and pronunciation of indigent in Afrikaans language.

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