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kwaad, slegte, siek, immoreel, onbevallig, owerspelige, vertroebel, geil, Ongelowige, baldadig, verkwistende, skraal gebou, onkuise, bandeloos, oneerlik

Immoral    :immoreel


Immoral - immoreel

Immoralities :: immoraliteit

Immorality :: onsedelikheid

Immorally :: immoreel


Related Words


1. unethical :: onetiese

2. bad :: slegte

3. morally wrong :: moreel verkeerd

4. wrongful :: onregmatige

5. wicked :: bose

6. evil :: kwaad

7. foul :: vuil

8. unprincipled :: beginselloos

9. unscrupulous :: gewetenlose

10. dishonorable :: skandelik

11. dishonest :: oneerlik

12. unconscionable :: gewetenloos

13. iniquitous :: onregverdige

14. disreputable :: berug

15. corrupt :: korrupte

16. depraved :: verdorwe

17. vile :: veragtelike

18. villainous :: gemeen

19. nefarious :: afstootlike

20. base :: basis

21. miscreant :: ongelowige

22. sinful :: sondige

23. godless :: goddelose

24. impure :: onsuiwer

25. unchaste :: onkuise

26. unvirtuous :: unvirtuous

27. shameless :: skaamtelose

28. degenerate :: ontaard

29. debased ::

30. debauched ::

31. dissolute :: losbandige

32. reprobate :: ongeskik

33. lewd :: ontugtige

34. obscene :: onwelvoeglike

35. perverse :: perverse

36. perverted :: verdraai

37. licentious :: losbandige

38. wanton :: baldadig

39. promiscuous :: promisku

40. loose :: los

41. shady :: skaduwee

42. lowdown :: lowdown

43. crooked :: krom

44. sleazy :: sleazy


1. decent :: ordentlike

2. ethical :: etiese

3. good :: goeie

4. honest :: eerlik

5. honorable :: eerbare

6. just :: net

7. moral :: morele

8. right :: reg

9. righteous :: regverdige

10. sublime :: sublieme

11. upright :: regop

12. virtuous :: deugsame

Different forms

immoral, immoralities, immorality, immorally

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: immoral
Meaning and definitions of immoral, translation in Afrikaans language for immoral with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of immoral in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What immoral means in Afrikaans, immoral meaning in Afrikaans, immoral definition, examples and pronunciation of immoral in Afrikaans language.

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