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English to Afrikaans Meaning
swaar, lywige, omslagtig, massiewe, gewigtige, eerbiedwaardige, vervelig, oormatige, drukkende, drukkend, sterk, hard, doek, ernstige

Heavy    :swaar


Heavy - swaar

Heaver :: sjower

Heavers :: heavers

Heavies :: heavies


Related Words

1. heavy metal :: swaarmetaal


1. weighty :: gewigtige

2. overweight :: oorgewig

3. forceful :: kragdadige

4. arduous :: moeilike

5. onerous :: drukkende

6. dense :: digte

7. overcast :: bewolkte

8. torrential :: stort

9. clayey ::

10. sizable :: aansienlike

11. tempestuous :: stormagtige

12. intense :: intense

13. immoderate :: buitensporig

14. substantial :: aansienlike

15. abounding in :: oorvloedig in

16. lethargic :: traag

17. sad :: hartseer

18. tedious :: vervelige

19. laden :: belaaide

20. bountiful :: oorvloed

21. coarse :: growwe

22. leaden :: drukkend

23. grave :: graf

24. impenetrable :: ondeurdringbare

25. big :: groot

26. wakeless :: vast

27. weighed down :: gebuk gaan

28. gravid :: dragtige

29. threatening :: dreigende

30. labored :: gearbei

31. fleshy :: vlesige

32. intemperate :: onmatig

33. ponderous :: swaar

34. toilsome :: zwoegend

35. sonorous :: klankvol


36. heavily :: swaar


1. light :: lig

Different forms

heaver, heavers, heavies, heavy

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: heavy
Meaning and definitions of heavy, translation in Afrikaans language for heavy with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of heavy in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What heavy means in Afrikaans, heavy meaning in Afrikaans, heavy definition, examples and pronunciation of heavy in Afrikaans language.

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