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gestremde, misvormde, onstabiel, nie in staat, nie in staat is, magteloos, ongeleë, stekelrige, nadelig, onderduimse, geskik was, impotent, hulpeloos

Handicapped    :gestremde


Handicapped - gestremde


Related Words

1. handicap :: voorgee


1. disabled :: gestremde

2. incapacitated ::

3. disadvantaged :: benadeelde

4. crippled ::

5. infirm :: siekes

6. invalid :: ongeldig

7. physically challenged :: fisies gestremd

8. differently abled :: anders bevoeg


9. disabled :: gestremde


10. hamper :: belemmer

11. impede :: belemmer

12. hinder :: verhinder

13. impair :: benadeel

14. hamstring :: dyspier

15. restrict :: beperk

16. check :: tjek

17. obstruct :: belemmer

18. block :: blok

19. curb :: randsteen

20. bridle :: toom

21. hold back :: hou terug

22. constrain :: dwing

23. trammel :: sleepnet

24. limit :: limiet

25. encumber :: beswaar

26. stymie :: slop

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: handicapped
Meaning and definitions of handicapped, translation in Afrikaans language for handicapped with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of handicapped in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What handicapped means in Afrikaans, handicapped meaning in Afrikaans, handicapped definition, examples and pronunciation of handicapped in Afrikaans language.

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