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English to Afrikaans Meaning
chic, flitsende, pronkerig, kakelbont, fassinerende, flagrante, aantreklike, van groot belang, hard, grandiose, bont, opgedirkt

Garish    :kakelbont


Garish - kakelbont

Garishly :: lelik

Garishness :: garishness


Related Words

1. garish :: kakelbont


1. gaudy :: bont

2. lurid :: guur

3. loud :: hard

4. harsh :: harde

5. glaring :: flagrante

6. violent :: gewelddadige

7. showy :: pronkerig

8. glittering ::

9. brassy :: onbeschaamd

10. brash :: parmantige

11. tasteless :: smaaklose

12. in bad taste :: in swak smaak

13. tawdry :: opgedirkt

14. vulgar :: vulgêre

15. unattractive :: onaantreklike

16. bilious :: bilious

17. flash :: flits

18. flashy :: flitsende

19. tacky :: onhandig

20. tinselly :: tinselly

21. neon :: neon


1. conservative :: konserwatief

2. quiet :: stil

Different forms

garish, garishly, garishness

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: garish
Meaning and definitions of garish, translation in Afrikaans language for garish with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of garish in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What garish means in Afrikaans, garish meaning in Afrikaans, garish definition, examples and pronunciation of garish in Afrikaans language.

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