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English to Afrikaans Meaning
dans, voet, bokspring, huppel, pas, Caper
bokspring, dartel, huppel, leeuwerik, sport, kompeteer, baldadig

Gambol    :bokspring


Gambol - bokspring

Gamboled :: gamboled

Gamboling :: gamboling

Gambolling :: gambolling

Gambols :: gambols



1. frolic :: dartel

2. caper :: Caper

3. play :: speel

4. romp :: romp


5. frolic :: dartel

6. frisk :: huppel

7. cavort :: baljaar

8. caper :: Caper

9. skip :: huppel

10. dance :: dans

11. romp :: romp

12. prance :: steigeren

13. leap :: sprong

14. hop :: hop

15. jump :: spring

16. spring :: lente

17. bound :: gebonde

18. bounce :: weiering

19. play :: speel

20. sport :: sport

Different forms

gambol, gamboled, gamboling, gambolling, gambols

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: gambol
Meaning and definitions of gambol, translation in Afrikaans language for gambol with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of gambol in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What gambol means in Afrikaans, gambol meaning in Afrikaans, gambol definition, examples and pronunciation of gambol in Afrikaans language.

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