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English to Afrikaans Meaning
flater, fout, toesig, boob, valse stap, faux pas

Gaffe    :flater


Gaffe - flater

Gaffed :: gegaffel

Gaffes :: gaffes

Gaffing :: gaffing



1. blunder :: fout

2. mistake :: fout

3. error :: fout

4. slip :: strokie

5. faux pas :: faux pas

6. indiscretion :: onkuisheid

7. impropriety :: onbehoorlikheid

8. miscalculation ::

9. gaucherie :: gaucherie

10. solecism :: flater

11. slip-up :: glip-up

12. howler :: stommiteit

13. boo-boo :: Boo Boo

14. fluff :: pluis

15. flub :: flub

16. blooper :: blooper

17. goof :: domkop


1. amenity :: gerief

2. attention :: aandag

3. civility :: beleefdheid

4. courtesy :: vergunning

5. formality :: formaliteit

6. gesture :: gebaar

7. pleasantry :: scherts

Different forms

gaffe, gaffed, gaffes, gaffing

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: gaffe
Meaning and definitions of gaffe, translation in Afrikaans language for gaffe with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of gaffe in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What gaffe means in Afrikaans, gaffe meaning in Afrikaans, gaffe definition, examples and pronunciation of gaffe in Afrikaans language.

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