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pas, besig om, geskik, vierkante, congruous, waardig, versoenbaar, bevoegde, ordentlike, reg, redelike, pointful, hard, styf, sterk
pas, se vermoëns, geregtig, pak, wedstryd, getref, sit, vestig, sit vir, betree, Pierce, ooreenstem, Ontmoet, vergader, rym, stem
pas, hevige aanval, fiksheid, ordentlikheid, fatsoen, relevansie, boetedoening, hartseer, stuiptrekkings, kramp, klaaglied, grand mal, histeriese pas, aanval

Fit    :pas


Fit - pas

Comfit :: bonbon

Comfits :: confijten

Fitful :: ongedurige

Fitly :: op sy tyd

Fitness :: fiksheid

Fits :: pas


Related Words


1. suitable :: geskik

2. competent :: bevoegde

3. ready :: gereed

4. healthy :: gesonde

5. primed ::


6. correlation :: korrelasie

7. convulsion :: stuiptrekkings

8. outbreak :: uitbreek

9. tantrum :: vloermoer

10. scene :: toneel

11. burst :: bars


12. lay :: lê

13. equip :: toerus

14. join :: aansluit

15. match :: wedstryd

16. qualify :: kwalifiseer

17. suit :: pak

18. fit out ::

19. go :: gaan

20. conform to :: voldoen aan

21. gibe :: skimp

Different forms

comfit, comfits, fit, fitful, fitly, fitness, fits

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: fit
Meaning and definitions of fit, translation in Afrikaans language for fit with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of fit in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What fit means in Afrikaans, fit meaning in Afrikaans, fit definition, examples and pronunciation of fit in Afrikaans language.

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