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speelveld, veld, grond, kursus, land, moor, gebied, lokaal, plek, tekstuur, koring veld, streek

Field    :veld


Field - veld

Fielded :: Süd

Fielder :: veldwerker

Fielders :: veldwerkers

Fielding :: veldwerk

Fields :: velde

Infield :: binneveld

Infields :: infields


Related Words

1. field of study :: studieveld


1. practical :: praktiese

2. mobile :: mobiele


3. meadow :: weide

4. playing field :: speelveld

5. area :: gebied

6. scope :: omvang

7. competitors ::

8. field of battle :: slagveld

9. field of force :: veld van krag

10. discipline :: dissipline

11. orbit :: wentel

12. line of business :: tipe besigheid

13. theatre of operations :: teater van bedrywighede

14. plain :: vlakte

15. field of view :: gebied van die oog

16. flying field :: vlieg veld


17. catch :: vang

18. deploy :: ontplooi

19. deal with :: hanteer

Different forms

field, fielded, fielder, fielders, fielding, fields, infield, infields

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: field
Meaning and definitions of field, translation in Afrikaans language for field with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of field in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What field means in Afrikaans, field meaning in Afrikaans, field definition, examples and pronunciation of field in Afrikaans language.

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