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English to Afrikaans Meaning
vrees, ontsag, geskrik, gruwel, alarm, opname, angs, bang, bedreiging, funk, terreur, paniek, ontsteltenis
wees bang, vrees, vang, verdagte, betwyfel, wees versigtig, funk, verloor 'n mens se senuwees, wees met afgryse vervul, raak blou, kwartel, verbazen, verstom, twyfel

Fear    :vrees


Fear - vrees

Feared :: gevrees

Fearful :: bang

Fearing :: vrees

Fearless :: vreeslose

Fears :: vrese

Fearsome :: vreesaanjaende


Related Words


1. terror :: terreur

2. phobia :: fobie

3. likelihood :: waarskynlikheid

4. concern :: kommer

5. fearfulness ::

6. veneration :: verering


7. be afraid of :: wees bang vir

8. have a phobia about :: 'n fobie oor

9. be too afraid :: wees te bang

10. worry about :: bekommer oor

11. stand in awe of :: bedug

12. suspect :: verdagte

13. dread :: vrees

14. revere :: REVERE

Different forms

fear, feared, fearful, fearing, fearless, fears, fearsome

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: fear
Meaning and definitions of fear, translation in Afrikaans language for fear with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of fear in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What fear means in Afrikaans, fear meaning in Afrikaans, fear definition, examples and pronunciation of fear in Afrikaans language.

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