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English to Afrikaans Meaning
bespoedig, aangename, knus, cushy, gemaklik, toegeeflik, snoesig, ministeriële, vriendelik, geskik, waardig, versoenbaar, bevoegde, pas
bespoedig, vereenvoudig, haas, versending, Despatch, uit te druk

Expedite    :bespoedig


Expedite - bespoedig

Expedited :: versnelde

Expedites :: bespoedig

Expediting :: bespoediging



1. speed up ::

2. accelerate :: versnel

3. hurry :: haas

4. hasten :: haas

5. step up ::

6. quicken :: lewend

7. precipitate :: neerslag

8. dispatch :: versending

9. advance :: bevorder

10. facilitate :: fasiliteer

11. ease ::

12. make easier :: maak makliker

13. further :: verder

14. promote :: bevorder

15. aid :: hulp

16. push through :: druk deur

17. urge on :: doen 'n beroep op

18. boost :: hupstoot

19. stimulate :: stimuleer

20. spur on :: aanspoor

21. help along :: help saam

22. catalyze :: kataliseer

23. fast-track :: fast-track

Different forms

expedite, expedited, expedites, expediting

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: expedite
Meaning and definitions of expedite, translation in Afrikaans language for expedite with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of expedite in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What expedite means in Afrikaans, expedite meaning in Afrikaans, expedite definition, examples and pronunciation of expedite in Afrikaans language.

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