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teleurgesteld, gefrustreerd, desperate, melancholie, lae, neergeslane, depressief, gesink, broeis, moedeloos, buierig, somber, laer, junior, ondergeskikte, basis
hartseer, neergeslane, moedeloos

Downcast    :neergeslane


Downcast - neergeslane


Related Words

1. be downcast :: wees neergeslane


1. despondent :: moedeloos

2. disheartened ::

3. discouraged ::

4. dispirited ::

5. downhearted :: neerslagtig

6. crestfallen :: moedeloos

7. down :: af

8. low :: lae

9. disconsolate :: somber

10. despairing :: wanhopige

11. sad :: hartseer

12. melancholy :: melancholie

13. gloomy :: somber

14. glum :: nors

15. morose :: morose

16. doleful :: droewe

17. dismal :: somber

18. woebegone :: ongeneeslik

19. miserable :: miserabel

20. depressed :: depressief

21. dejected :: moedeloos

22. blue :: blou

23. down in/at the mouth ::

24. down in the dumps :: terneergedruk


1. blissful :: salig

2. buoyant :: lewendig

3. cheerful :: vrolike

4. cheery :: vrolik

5. delighted :: verheug

6. glad :: bly

7. happy :: gelukkig

8. jubilant :: jubelende

9. sunny :: sonnige

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English to Afrikaans Dictionary: downcast
Meaning and definitions of downcast, translation in Afrikaans language for downcast with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of downcast in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What downcast means in Afrikaans, downcast meaning in Afrikaans, downcast definition, examples and pronunciation of downcast in Afrikaans language.

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