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objektiewe, dwars, ongehinderd, opsetlike, unpreventable, onvermydelike, vry, oop, duidelik, vrygestel, ysige, gevoelloos
onbevooroordeelde, losstaande, objektiewe, unjaundiced, afwesigheid van beslaglegging, nonchalant, moedswillige, unwarmed

Dispassionate    :objektiewe


Dispassionate - objektiewe

Dispassionately :: lou



1. unemotional :: emosieloos

2. objective :: doel

3. cold-eyed :: koue-eyed


1. biased :: bevooroordeeld

2. inequitable :: onbillik

3. partial :: gedeeltelike

4. partisan :: partydige

5. prejudiced :: benadeel

6. unjust :: onregverdige

Different forms

dispassionate, dispassionately

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: dispassionate
Meaning and definitions of dispassionate, translation in Afrikaans language for dispassionate with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of dispassionate in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What dispassionate means in Afrikaans, dispassionate meaning in Afrikaans, dispassionate definition, examples and pronunciation of dispassionate in Afrikaans language.

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