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English to Afrikaans Meaning
ongenade, afkeer, tegenzin, allergie, weersin, vyandskap, walging, ongesteldheid
afkeer, ongenade, tegenzin, gedagte, haat, walglik, hekel, minag, kyk neer op, spot, voel jammer, afkeur, verwerp, afguns, wrok

Dislike    :afkeer


Dislike - afkeer

Disliked :: nie gelaaik nie

Dislikes :: Hou Nie Van

Disliking :: disliking


Related Words


1. distaste :: afkeer

2. aversion :: weersin

3. disfavor :: ongenade

4. disapproval :: afkeuring

5. disapprobation :: blaam

6. enmity :: vyandskap

7. animosity :: vyandigheid

8. hostility :: vyandigheid

9. antipathy :: weersin

10. antagonism :: antagonisme

11. hate :: haat

12. hatred :: haat

13. detestation :: detestation

14. loathing :: weersin

15. disgust :: walging

16. repugnance :: afkeer

17. abhorrence :: weersin

18. disdain :: minagting

19. contempt :: minagting


20. find distasteful :: vind onsmaaklik

21. regard with distaste :: verband met afkeer

22. be averse to :: wees sku om

23. have an aversion to :: het 'n afkeer van

24. have no liking/taste for ::

25. disapprove of :: afkeur

26. object to :: voorwerp te

27. take exception to :: neem uitsondering op

28. hate :: haat

29. detest :: hekel

30. loathe :: walglik

31. abhor :: afsku

32. despise :: minag

33. be unable to bear/stand ::

34. shrink from :: krimp uit

35. shudder at :: sidder by

36. find repellent :: vind afweermiddel

37. be unable to stomach :: nie in staat is om die maag

38. abominate :: verfoeien


1. appetite :: eetlus

2. favor :: ten gunste van

3. like :: soos

4. liking :: smaak

5. preference :: voorkeur

6. relish :: smoor

7. shine :: skyn

8. taste :: smaak

9. use :: gebruik

Different forms

dislike, disliked, dislikes, disliking

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: dislike
Meaning and definitions of dislike, translation in Afrikaans language for dislike with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of dislike in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What dislike means in Afrikaans, dislike meaning in Afrikaans, dislike definition, examples and pronunciation of dislike in Afrikaans language.

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