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sekere, spesifieke, gegee, definitiewe, uitgewys, ondubbelsinnige, direkte, eenduidig, duidelik, eksplisiete, voor die hand liggend, openbaar, bepaal

Definite    :definitiewe


Definite - definitiewe

Definitely :: beslis

Definiteness :: bepaaldheid


Related Words

1. definite article :: bepaalde lidwoord


1. explicit :: eksplisiete

2. certain :: sekere

3. unmistakable :: onmiskenbaar

4. fixed :: vaste


1. boundless :: oneindige

2. endless :: eindelose

3. illimitable :: onbegrensd

4. immeasurable :: onmeetbare

5. indefinite :: onbepaalde

6. infinite :: oneindig

7. unbounded :: ongeleide

8. undefined :: ongedefinieerde

9. unmeasured :: onmeetlike

Different forms

definite, definitely, definiteness

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: definite
Meaning and definitions of definite, translation in Afrikaans language for definite with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of definite in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What definite means in Afrikaans, definite meaning in Afrikaans, definite definition, examples and pronunciation of definite in Afrikaans language.

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