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English to Afrikaans Meaning
heengaan, ondergang, ontbinding, verval
dood, sterf, ondergang, verval, vertrek, heengaan
sterf, gaan onder, vertrek, heengaan, verval, 'n einde, afwerking, einde, sluit, ophou, wees oor, beëindig

Decease    :heengaan


Decease - heengaan

Deceased :: oorledene

Deceases :: siekte toestande

Deceasing :: deceasing



1. death :: dood

2. dying :: sterf

3. demise :: ondergang

4. end :: einde

5. passing :: verbygaan

6. loss of life :: lewensverlies

7. quietus :: Quietus

8. curtains ::

9. croaking ::

10. snuffing ::

11. expiry :: verval


12. expire :: verval

13. pass away :: sterf

14. perish :: vergaan

15. croak :: gekwaak

16. exit :: uitgang

17. go :: gaan

18. choke :: verstik

19. kick the bucket :: skop die emmer

20. drop dead :: slaan dood neer

21. pass :: slaag

22. die :: sterf

23. pop off :: pop af

24. snuff it :: snuif dit

25. buy the farm :: koop die plaas

26. cash in one's chips :: kontant in 'n mens se skyfies

27. conk :: neus


1. birth :: geboorte

2. nativity :: nativity

Different forms

decease, deceased, deceases, deceasing

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: decease
Meaning and definitions of decease, translation in Afrikaans language for decease with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of decease in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What decease means in Afrikaans, decease meaning in Afrikaans, decease definition, examples and pronunciation of decease in Afrikaans language.

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