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hurk posisie, hurk
hurk, bewe, Stoop, wees geboë, geword krullerige, buig af, knielen, Blarney, seep, heuning om die mond smeer, klou

Crouch    :hurk


Crouch - hurk

Crouched :: hurk

Crouches :: hurk

Crouching :: hurk


Related Words

1. crouch down :: hurk


1. squat :: hurk

2. bend :: draai

3. scrunch up :: opfrommel

Different forms

crouch, crouched, crouches, crouching

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: crouch
Meaning and definitions of crouch, translation in Afrikaans language for crouch with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of crouch in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What crouch means in Afrikaans, crouch meaning in Afrikaans, crouch definition, examples and pronunciation of crouch in Afrikaans language.

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