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kwaad, dwarsstuk, figuur, baster, halfbloed, ondergang, foltering, ellende, moeilikheid, ontbering
kwaad, pont, vermengingsbehandeling, slaag, sny, neem oor, deurtrek, kom oor, ontsnap met, gaan oor, oortree, inbreuk maak op, oorskry, inmeng
skuins, oor, kwaad, dwars, dwarste
aangrensende, aangrensend, aaneengesloten, kwaad, knorrig, prikkelbaar, knorrige, prikkelbare, nors
kwaad, vloek, truuk, verraad, valsheid, skeur af, oprit, bowe, cover, ondergaan, oorskry

Cross    :kwaad


Cross - kwaad

Autocross :: autocross

Crossed :: gekruis

Crosser :: Crosser

Crosses :: kruise

Crossest :: crossest

Crossing :: kruising

Crossly :: vies

Crossness :: crossness

Crosswise :: dwars

Uncross :: uncross

Uncrossed :: onbelemmerd

Uncrosses :: uncrosses

Uncrossing :: uncrossing


Related Words

1. cross out :: krap uit


1. angry :: kwaad

2. transversal :: transversale

3. ill-tempered :: humeurig


4. crucifix :: kruis

5. burden :: las

6. hybrid :: hibriede

7. crown of thorns :: doringkroon

8. crisscross :: kruis en dwars

9. crossbreeding ::

10. crossbreed :: kruising


11. travel across :: reis regoor

12. span :: span

13. intersect :: sny

14. oppose :: teenstaan

15. hybridize :: hibridiseer

16. baffle :: baffle

17. traverse :: deurkruis

18. hybridise ::

Different forms

autocross, cross, crossed, crosser, crosses, crossest, crossly, crossness, crosswise, uncross, uncrosses

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: cross
Meaning and definitions of cross, translation in Afrikaans language for cross with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of cross in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What cross means in Afrikaans, cross meaning in Afrikaans, cross definition, examples and pronunciation of cross in Afrikaans language.

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