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English to Afrikaans Meaning
deposito, Vries, krediet, inkomste, leen, lening, kant, skerp, geloof, vertroue, oortuiging
krediet, reputasie, vertroue, afhanklikheid
glo, vertroue, veronderstel, vertrou, krediet, bank op, deposito, sit, oplê, toeskryf

Credit    :krediet


Credit - krediet

Credited :: gekrediteer

Crediting :: kreditering

Credits :: krediete

Noncredit :: noncredit


Related Words

1. credit card :: kredietkaart


1. praise :: lof

2. reputation :: reputasie

3. credence :: geloofwaardigheid

4. loan :: lening

5. deferred payment :: uitgestelde betaling

6. citation :: aanhaling

7. recognition :: erkenning

8. credit rating :: kredietgradering

9. credit entry :: kredietinskrywing

10. course credit :: natuurlik krediet


11. believe :: glo

12. ascribe :: toeskryf

13. accredit :: akkrediteer


1. discredit :: diskrediteer

2. doubt :: twyfel

3. unbelief :: ongeloof

Different forms

credit, credited, crediting, credits, noncredit

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: credit
Meaning and definitions of credit, translation in Afrikaans language for credit with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of credit in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What credit means in Afrikaans, credit meaning in Afrikaans, credit definition, examples and pronunciation of credit in Afrikaans language.

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