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Coyote    :coyote


Coyote - coyote

Coyotes :: coyotes


Related Words

1. coyote :: coyote


1. brush wolf :: borsel wolf

2. prairie wolf :: prairie wolf

Different forms

coyote, coyotes

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: coyote
Meaning and definitions of coyote, translation in Afrikaans language for coyote with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of coyote in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What coyote means in Afrikaans, coyote meaning in Afrikaans, coyote definition, examples and pronunciation of coyote in Afrikaans language.

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Wince - (haspel) :: Mind you I wouldnt mind not hearing some of the local ads which can be wincingly bad

Dandruff - (roos) :: When Im overly stressed I get patches of psoriasis on my scalp which is embarrassing as it can sometimes give me a dandruffy look in places

Svelte - (svelte) :: The obsession with svelte figures flies in the face of past beliefs that regarded those who were thin as being unhealthy and malnourished

Posture - (postuur) :: The standing posture is primarily used as a weightbearing activity and for blood pressure regulation

Fibula - (fibula) :: Medially the fibular facet doubles in width becomes slightly concave with a smoothly rounded raised margin and faces principally dorsolaterally but also slightly proximally


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Definitely - (beslis) :: There will be definitely be some kind of retaliation but Im not sure what it will be yet

Definition - (definisie) :: she gave a clear definition of it

Degree - (graad) :: In 1593 Roomen had proposed a problem which involved solving an equation of degree 45

Delay - (vertraging) :: To slow pipes from freezing turn both hot and cold water faucets to a trickle the continuous water flow will delay freezing

Deliberate - (doelbewuste) :: And those injuries have been inflicted with deliberate and premeditated intent


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Pith - (merg) :: So anyway the story is short and lacking in pith

Pivotal - (deurslaggewende) :: The homefield advantage has proved pivotal in at least one direct matchup

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