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English to Afrikaans Meaning
kommer, bekommer, angs, onrus, deelneming, sorg, gedink, idee, dink, gedagte, verband, verhouding, Connexion, maatskappy, hoofpyn, verantwoordelikheid
verhouding, draende, kommer, verwysing, relevansie, angs, ongerustheid
kommer, hou verband met, stel, betrek, diens, begin, sit in, bekommer, beroering, perturbate, paniek

Concern    :kommer


Concern - kommer

Concerned :: bekommerd

Concerning :: met betrekking tot

Concerns :: bekommernisse


Related Words

1. to whom it may concern :: aan wie dit mag aangaan


1. anxiety :: angs

2. solicitude :: bekommernis

3. responsibility :: verantwoordelikheid

4. interest :: belangstelling

5. affair :: verhouding

6. company :: maatskappy

7. fear :: vrees

8. business organization :: sakeonderneming

9. vexation :: 'n gejaag na


10. be about :: wees oor

11. affect :: invloed

12. involve oneself in :: betrek jouself in

13. worry :: bekommer

14. occupy :: beset

15. touch :: raak


1. calm :: kalm

2. compose :: komponeer

3. quiet :: stil

4. settle :: vestig

5. soothe :: streel

Different forms

concern, concerned, concerning, concerns

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: concern
Meaning and definitions of concern, translation in Afrikaans language for concern with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of concern in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What concern means in Afrikaans, concern meaning in Afrikaans, concern definition, examples and pronunciation of concern in Afrikaans language.

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Meaning :: CV, versameling, , samevatting, uiteinde
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