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Kontak, verkeer, kommunikasie
kommunikasie, aanduiding, inligting, opdrag, kennisgewing, gebeur, predestinasie, aandrang, skakeling, nagmaal, Rapport, ruil

Communication    :kommunikasie


Communication - kommunikasie

Communications :: kommunikasie

Excommunication :: ekskommunikasie

Excommunications :: excommunications


Related Words

1. communication skills :: kommunikasie vaardighede


1. transmission :: oordrag

2. contact :: Kontak

3. message :: boodskap

4. communicating ::

Different forms

communication, communications, excommunication, excommunications

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: communication
Meaning and definitions of communication, translation in Afrikaans language for communication with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of communication in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What communication means in Afrikaans, communication meaning in Afrikaans, communication definition, examples and pronunciation of communication in Afrikaans language.

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