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English to Afrikaans Meaning
gevoellose, gevoelloos, harteloos, genadelose, onbarmhartig, onmenslike, Ystydperk, bevrore, moeilik, hard
grof, gevoellose, maak ongelyke, wees ongelyke

Callous    :gevoellose


Callous - gevoellose

Calloused :: vereelte

Callouses :: callouses

Callousing :: callousing

Callously :: callously

Callousness :: gevoelloosheid



1. heartless :: harteloos

2. unfeeling :: gevoelloos

3. uncaring :: ongevoelig

4. cold :: koue

5. cold-hearted :: koue-hearted

6. hard :: hard

7. as hard as nails :: so hard soos spykers

8. hard-hearted :: hardvogtige

9. insensitive :: onsensitief

10. lacking compassion :: gebrek aan deernis

11. hard-bitten :: hard-gebyt

12. hard-nosed :: hard-nosed

13. hard-edged :: hard-rand

14. unsympathetic :: onsimpatieke


15. cauterise ::

16. cauterize :: toeschroeien


1. charitable :: liefdadigheid

2. humane :: menslike

3. kindly :: vriendelik

4. merciful :: barmhartige

5. sensitive :: sensitiewe

6. sympathetic :: simpatieke

7. tender :: tender

8. warm :: warm

Different forms

callous, calloused, callouses, callousing, callously, callousness

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: callous
Meaning and definitions of callous, translation in Afrikaans language for callous with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of callous in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What callous means in Afrikaans, callous meaning in Afrikaans, callous definition, examples and pronunciation of callous in Afrikaans language.

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