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English to Afrikaans Meaning
boks, krat, geval, ark, stam, Hutch, buffet, blaas, vuist gevecht, heining, spoor, blik, martingale, cummerbund, gordel
boks, Spar, vuist gevecht, buffet, sokkie, punch, vuis, prop
boks, afdak

Box    :boks


Box - boks

Boxed :: doos

Boxen :: Box

Boxer :: bokser

Boxers :: boksers

Boxes :: bokse

Boxing :: boks

Boxlike :: boxlike

Boxy :: doos achtige

Postbox :: Posbus

Postboxes :: posbusse


Related Words

1. box office :: loket


1. carton :: karton

2. corner :: hoek

3. box seat :: boks sitplek

4. boxwood :: dennehout

5. loge :: loge

6. boxful ::


7. package :: pakket

8. fight :: stryd

9. strike :: staking

Different forms

box, boxed, boxen, boxer, boxers, boxes, boxing, boxlike, boxy, postbox, postboxes

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: box
Meaning and definitions of box, translation in Afrikaans language for box with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of box in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What box means in Afrikaans, box meaning in Afrikaans, box definition, examples and pronunciation of box in Afrikaans language.

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