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boek, verhandeling, journaal, idem, registreer, oefenboek, grootboek, rekening boek, kop, opstel, tesis, fiksasie, oudit, balans, skoot
memoriseer, rekord, merk, boek, pen, betree, koop 'n kaartjie

Book    :boek


Book - boek

Bookable :: bespreekbaar

Booked :: bespreek

Booker :: Booker

Booking :: bespreking

Bookings :: besprekings

Bookish :: boek achtig

Booklet :: boekie

Booklets :: boekies

Books :: boeke


Related Words


1. volume :: volume

2. notebook :: notebook

3. ledger :: grootboek

4. rule book :: reëlboek

5. scripture :: Skrif

6. koran ::

7. script :: script

8. record :: rekord

9. leger ::


10. reserve :: reserwe

11. arrange :: reël

Different forms

book, bookable, booked, booker, booking, bookings, bookish, booklet, booklets, books

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: book
Meaning and definitions of book, translation in Afrikaans language for book with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of book in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What book means in Afrikaans, book meaning in Afrikaans, book definition, examples and pronunciation of book in Afrikaans language.

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