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English to Afrikaans Meaning
bisarre, sonderlinge, fantastiese, eksotiese, vreemd, vreemde, nuuskierig, kinky, mitiese, onwerklik, immaterieel, ontasbare, skaduwee, onnatuurlike

Bizarre    :bisarre


Bizarre - bisarre

Bizarrely :: vreemd



1. strange :: vreemde

2. peculiar :: eienaardige

3. odd :: vreemd

4. funny :: snaaks

5. curious :: nuuskierig

6. outlandish :: vreemd

7. outré ::

8. abnormal :: abnormale

9. eccentric :: eksentrieke

10. unconventional :: onkonvensionele

11. unusual :: ongewone

12. unorthodox :: onortodokse

13. queer :: queer

14. extraordinary :: buitengewone

15. weird :: vreemd

16. wacky :: gek

17. bizarro :: Bizarro

18. oddball :: oddball

19. way out ::

20. kooky :: verknipt

21. freaky :: vreemd

22. off the wall ::

23. offbeat :: offbeat


1. realistic :: realistiese

2. reasonable :: redelike

Different forms

bizarre, bizarrely

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: bizarre
Meaning and definitions of bizarre, translation in Afrikaans language for bizarre with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of bizarre in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What bizarre means in Afrikaans, bizarre meaning in Afrikaans, bizarre definition, examples and pronunciation of bizarre in Afrikaans language.

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