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English to Afrikaans Meaning
pragtige, mooi, fyn, gepoleerde, feetjie, beauteous, fantastiese, uitstekende, bekoorlike, aanloklike, boeiend, aantreklike, vang

Beauteous    :beauteous


Beauteous - beauteous

Beauteously :: beauteously



1. beautiful :: pragtige

2. pretty :: mooi

3. fine :: fyn

4. polished :: gepoleerde

5. fairy :: feetjie

6. beauteous :: beauteous

7. fantastic :: fantastiese

8. excellent :: uitstekende

9. gorgeous :: pragtige

10. superb :: uitstekende

11. charming :: bekoorlike

12. alluring :: aanloklike

13. engrossing :: boeiend

14. attractive :: aantreklike

15. catching :: vang


1. grotesque :: groteske

2. hideous :: afskuwelike

3. homely :: huislike

4. plain :: vlakte

5. ugly :: lelike

6. unattractive :: onaantreklike

7. unsightly :: onooglike

Different forms

beauteous, beauteously

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: beauteous
Meaning and definitions of beauteous, translation in Afrikaans language for beauteous with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of beauteous in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What beauteous means in Afrikaans, beauteous meaning in Afrikaans, beauteous definition, examples and pronunciation of beauteous in Afrikaans language.

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