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verbod, embargo, inhibisie, taboe, interdik, uitsluiting, uitsetting, vloek, vervlaks, damn, anathema, olifant
verbod, verwens, beshrew, vervloek
verbod, embargo, vloek, vervloek, veroordeel, damn, verbied, veto, beveel, uitsluit, skors, extruderen, verban

Ban    :verbod


Ban - verbod

Banes :: Banes

Bans :: verbod


Related Words

1. lift a ban :: hef 'n verbod


1. prohibition :: verbod

2. exclusion :: uitsluiting

3. proscription :: verbod

4. forbidding :: verbied


5. prohibit :: verbied

6. exclude :: uitsluit

7. banish :: verban

8. censor :: censor

9. ostracise :: ostracise


1. allow :: toelaat

2. let :: laat

3. permit :: permit

4. suffer :: ly

Different forms

ban, bans

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: ban
Meaning and definitions of ban, translation in Afrikaans language for ban with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of ban in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What ban means in Afrikaans, ban meaning in Afrikaans, ban definition, examples and pronunciation of ban in Afrikaans language.

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