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English to Afrikaans Meaning
tendens, neiging, vooroordeel, aanleg, leun, geneigdheid, behendigheid, ekspedisie, gereedheid, talent
affiniteit, aanleg, rook, hoeksteen, aar

Aptitude    :aanleg


Aptitude - aanleg

Aptitudes :: aanleg


Related Words

1. aptitude test :: aanlegtoets


1. talent :: talent

2. gift :: geskenk

3. flair :: flair

4. bent :: gebuig

5. skill :: vaardigheid

6. knack :: aanleg

7. facility :: fasiliteit

8. ability :: vermoë

9. proficiency :: vaardigheid

10. capability :: vermoë

11. potential :: potensiaal

12. capacity :: kapasiteit

13. faculty :: Fakulteit

14. genius :: genie

Different forms

aptitude, aptitudes

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: aptitude
Meaning and definitions of aptitude, translation in Afrikaans language for aptitude with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of aptitude in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What aptitude means in Afrikaans, aptitude meaning in Afrikaans, aptitude definition, examples and pronunciation of aptitude in Afrikaans language.

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