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lug, wind, atmosfeer, briesie, manie, dood wind, hemel, uitspansel, omringende, stoom, damp, humiditeit
lug, lugtig, pneumatiese, eteriese
neem lug, lug, ventileer, belug, Wys, vertoning, uiteengesit, blasoen, bloot te stel, inhou, voorgee, beweer, uit te oefen
aura, lug, klimaat

Air    :lug


Air - lug

Aired :: uitgesaai

Airing :: lug

Airings :: Airings

Airs :: die eerste keer uitgestuur

Airship :: lugskip

Airships :: lugskepe


Related Words


1. sky :: lug

2. breeze :: briesie

3. expression :: uitdrukking

4. affectations ::

5. tune :: deuntjie

6. atmosphere :: atmosfeer

7. gentle wind :: sagte wind

8. air travel :: lugvervoer

9. airwave :: Airwave

10. strain :: druk


11. express :: uit te druk

12. ventilate :: ventileer

13. broadcast :: uitsending

14. vent :: vent

15. air out :: lug uit

16. bare :: kaal

Different forms

air, aired, airing, airings, airs, airship, airships

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: air
Meaning and definitions of air, translation in Afrikaans language for air with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of air in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What air means in Afrikaans, air meaning in Afrikaans, air definition, examples and pronunciation of air in Afrikaans language.

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