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help, hulp, hupstoot, ten gunste van, ondersteuning, fasilitering, skuiling, asiel, hawe, beskerming, beroep, arsenaal, helper
help, hulp, ondersteuning, bevriend, ten gunste van, identifiseer jouself met, saamwerk, handhaaf, aangesig, ABET

Aid    :hulp


Aid - hulp

Aided :: aangehelp

Aides :: volgelinge

Aiding :: ondersteuning

Aids :: hulpmiddels


Related Words


1. assistance :: hulp

2. relief :: verligting

3. attention :: aandag

4. economic aid :: ekonomiese hulp

5. help :: help


6. help :: help

7. facilitate :: fasiliteer


1. hinder :: verhinder

Different forms

aid, aided, aides, aiding

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: aid
Meaning and definitions of aid, translation in Afrikaans language for aid with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of aid in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What aid means in Afrikaans, aid meaning in Afrikaans, aid definition, examples and pronunciation of aid in Afrikaans language.

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