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English to Afrikaans Meaning
teenspoed, ondanks, vyandigheid, weersin, vooroordeel, tiener, ellende, hartseer, wee, vyandskap, twis, antagonisme, kans
onvriendelike, teenspoed, ongunstig, siek-ster, nie sympathiek, verminder omstandighede, baal, ongelukkige, drommel, nood, ongelukkige keuse

Adversity    :teenspoed


Adversity - teenspoed

Adversities :: teenspoed



1. misfortune :: ongeluk

2. ill luck :: siek geluk

3. bad luck :: slegte geluk

4. trouble :: moeilikheid

5. difficulty :: moeite

6. hardship :: swaarkry

7. distress :: nood

8. disaster :: ramp

9. suffering :: ly

10. affliction :: ellende

11. sorrow :: hartseer

12. misery :: ellende

13. tribulation :: verdrukking

14. woe :: wee

15. pain :: pyn

16. trauma :: trauma

17. mishap :: ongeluk

18. misadventure :: ramp

19. accident :: ongeluk

20. upset :: omgekrap

21. reverse :: reverse

22. setback :: terugslag

23. crisis :: krisis

24. catastrophe :: katastrofe

25. tragedy :: tragedie

26. calamity :: ondergang

27. trial :: verhoor

28. cross :: kwaad

29. burden :: las

30. blow :: blaas

31. hard times :: moeilike tye

32. trials and tribulations :: beproewings

33. ill wind :: siek wind


1. fortune :: fortuin

2. luck :: Sterkte

3. serendipity :: Serendipity

Different forms

adversities, adversity

English to Afrikaans Dictionary: adversity
Meaning and definitions of adversity, translation in Afrikaans language for adversity with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of adversity in Afrikaans and in English language.

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What adversity means in Afrikaans, adversity meaning in Afrikaans, adversity definition, examples and pronunciation of adversity in Afrikaans language.

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