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241. Agree (stem) :: I have to say that I dont agree with this from a moral viewpoint
242. Arabic (Arabies) ::
243. Aramaic (Aramees) :: Now comes the reading of the Ketubah marriage contract in the original Aramaic text
244. Archaism (argaïsme) :: Berlioz an opera composer denied access to the Opra for years used deliberate archaisms in L Enfance du Christ notable for its beautiful but unHandelian choruses
245. Backslash (agteroorskuinsstreep) :: Note the backslashes for lines that were too long to fit in this example
246. Conjugate (toegevoegde) :: He worked on conjugate functions in multidimensional euclidean space and the theory of functions of a complex variable
247. Conjunction (samewerking) :: a conjunction of favorable political and economic circumstances
248. Consonant (konsonant) :: And chords are groups of more or less consonant sounds which counterpoint has united
249. Danish (Deense) ::
250. Exclamation (uitroep) :: They uttered exclamations of surprise not nearly as used to the bizarre internal twist as the two older men
251. Labial (labiale) :: The lower Incisor teeth in the Lengua but not the upper ones are more labially inclined than those of the Caucasoids
252. Metaphor (metafoor) :: So if my garden is a metaphor for my life now then Im in big trouble
253. Metonymy (metonimie) :: Within a single discourse community this is feasible once people understand what the signs represent they come to expect that a certain combination of textual gestures metonymically present an Other self on a printed page
254. Norse (Noorse) ::
255. Noun (naamwoord) :: These children were asked to explain the meaning of some common Dutch and Turkish nouns in an extended word definition task
256. Past (verlede) :: But something rather unexpected happened as I gazed at these images of the past
257. Pitch (steek) :: A corridor for media and officials is placed between the seating terraces and the boundary wall of the pitch
258. Underscore (onderstreep) :: This review underscores just how seriously these budget cuts are impacting the university Allen said

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