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241. Amphetamine (amfetamien) :: By the time he was 21 he was downing two and a half bottles of rum a day washed down by cannabis cocaine amphetamines and heroin
242. Bypass (verbypad) :: Instead he is faced with fake holymen peddling religious enmity and the purblind nouveau riche materialism of his family who bypass the countrys problems in their smart new cars
243. Catheter (kateter) :: One of the main sources of nosocomial bloodstream infections is intravascular catheters
244. Circumcise (besny) :: In 2000 Kenya imposed a fine of 650 and a oneyear prison sentence on anyone who circumcises a girl under the age of 18
245. Circumcision (besnyding) :: Most secular celebrations also are tied to religious holidays like Christmas or New Years the Circumcision of Jesus
246. Cirrhosis (sirrose) :: In heart failure cirrhosis develops secondary to chronic passive congestion of the liver
247. Crutch (kruk) :: At this stage patients were encouraged to increase their weightbearing as much as possible with a view to discarding their crutches as soon as possible
248. Delicate (delikate) :: He had always been in delicate health suffering even in his youth from migraine
249. Demented (demente) :: To my possibly demented mind there did seem to be something unique even comical about the framing of the issues
250. Disease (siekte) :: poor nutrition can cause disease
251. Faint (moeg) :: If I didnt find food soon I was going to collapse in a dead faint
252. Fresh (vars) :: Easily accessible this tourist area is noted for its beauty and cool fresh mountain air
253. Hurt (seer) :: The physical hurt includes a couple of broken legs
254. Instability (onstabiliteit) :: Installation and operation on both machines was flawless no lockups no incompatibilities and no instabilities
255. Lean (maer) :: The company plans to hire a few more but remain lean in its early years
256. Massage (Masseer) :: They will return to the spa for a back tension massage followed by a luxury facial
257. Narcotic (narkotiese) :: Opium and other narcotic addictions were rampant among the upper classes
258. Pale (bleek) :: Our house in Ireland was really nothing more then a cottage with white shingles on the pointed roof the outer boards a pale shade of green
259. Pallid (bleek) :: Character designs are rather pallid and dull completely uninteresting in style or drawn without any particular flare
260. Pallor (bleekheid) :: The intense pallor of his complexion tightly cropped ginger hair and prominent Adams apple only emphasised his lack of stature
261. Private (privaat) :: Gifts received in a private capacity by Royals were treated in the same way as gifts to anyone else he said
262. Staple (stapelvoedsel) :: For almost all Sierra Leoneans rice is the staple food consumed at virtually every meal
263. Starchy (styselagtige) :: A dramatization of the life of Soviet artist Vladimir Mayakovsky The Constructivist Suit is an intriguing if starchy work from writerdirector Robert Di Giovanni
264. Trouble (moeilikheid) :: hes gone to a lot of trouble to help you

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