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31. Abnormality (abnormaliteit) :: Some boys get recurrent urinary infections without any kidney abnormalities
32. Balanced (gebalanseerde) :: It is based on solenoid injectors with balanced valve and feedback control strategies
33. Bump (stamp) :: Confused she crawled over to the spot and felt on the ground for a bump a rock anything
34. Cold (koue) :: His eyes opened revealing cold blue orbs sparkling with an inner light
35. Collapse (inval) :: The worstcase scenario is that the single currency will collapse leaving member countries to start afresh with their discarded currencies
36. Consultant (konsultant) :: Arlington denied Liam Lawlor offered to act as a consultant and said no money was paid to him
37. Diet (dieet) :: If she stayed she would be assigned a steady diet of deportation orders from the criminal division to defend
38. Dietitian (dieetkundige) :: Many eating disorder psychotherapists dieticians and medical doctors are part of a worldwide informationsharing network
39. Form (vorm) :: human form
40. Have (het) :: Soon he will have his right leg amputated at the knee and replaced with a prosthetic limb
41. Infirmary (hospitaal) :: All were orthopaedic patients on ward 36 at the infirmary
42. Lobotomy (hersen operasie) :: The number of lobotomies or leucotomies fell dramatically after the 1950s as drugs became available especially for schizophrenia
43. Midwife (vroedvrou) :: There are health clinics staffed by nurse midwives in rural areas
44. Plague (plaag) :: Avoiding death is generally a good outcome for any trip and the latest gadgets are aimed at fending off the new plague of airline travel deep vein thrombosis
45. Smoke (rook) :: It showed the burning house with thick smoke all around it
46. Smoker (roker) :: Such opponents of the bans say that many smokers are addicted to tobacco and nicotine and therefore need to smoke
47. Spread (versprei) :: If plant pulling is not feasible flower head removal helps reduce the spread of the seeds
48. Strenuous (strawwe) :: Warming up before beginning strenuous exercise is a must for every athlete
49. Stretch (rek) :: its too easyit doesnt stretch me
50. Stretcher (draagbaar) :: The foot stretcher is easily positioned to achieve these positions by loosening the 3 wing nuts and moving the foot stretcher along the adjustment plates
51. Stricken (geteisterde) :: The pressure of school tests is forcing children stricken with serious infections into school to sit exams
52. Swollen (geswel) ::
53. Therapist (terapeut) :: I know that there is a shortage of nurses and speech therapists but because of the rules we are unable to help out
54. Therapy (terapie) :: You know it was bad enough in therapy having to relive my childhood but this is so much worse
55. Thermometer (termometer) :: Glass thermometers are suitable for measuring temperature at the Earths surface but would be impractical at higher levels
56. Transfer (oordrag) :: The direct transfer of wealth and material from conquered peoples as practised by the Romans the British and even the Russians after 1945 just hasnt happened
57. Transplant (oorplanting) :: The cost to transplant each tree is about 3500 excluding arborist services and care and maintenance
58. Withdrawal (ontrekking) :: Her prison file shows that when she began her sentence she went through the drug withdrawal with the minimum amount of discomfort and her clinical records confirm this

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