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451. Aerobic (aerobiese) :: This means being aerobically fit and having stamina
452. Autism (outisme) :: Again even if such peptides are discovered their relationship to autism remains entirely speculative
453. Cancer (Kanker) :: Denos died last Wednesday after a long battle against cancer and the lung disease emphysema
454. Clinic (kliniek) :: It offers childrens skiing clinics and a kids day room
455. Clinician (klinikus) :: To give this information clinicians need to ask patients what they count as a benefit
456. Concuss (schokken) :: Rocket propelled grenades mortars and other explosive devices cause concussive shock blasts damaging to the brain
457. Cut (sny) :: subcultures which cut across national and political boundaries
458. Doctor (dokter) :: This movie didnt really need a script doctor but an acting coach sure wouldnt have hurt
459. Doddering (strompelend) ::
460. Hobble (eed) :: Her foot swelled during the night making it hard for her to walk so it was more of a hobble
461. Implant (inplanting) :: In nature not all of these successfully implant and are carried to term
462. Intoxicant (bedwelming) :: If youre like most people in Montreal youre probably looking for something to do on a Saturday night thats the perfect mix of the right music a tasters choice of libations and intoxicants and a good helping of debauchery
463. Intoxicated (dronk) ::
464. Life (lewe) :: a life of Shelley
465. Megalomania (grootheidswaan) :: Utopian enthusiasm promises enlightenment and community but it also risks exploitation depersonalization and megalomania
466. Physiotherapy (fisioterapie) :: We thank the physicians physiotherapists and nurses at the occupational health care centres in Tampere for their contribution
467. Poor (swak) :: Beknazarov represented the remote constituency of Aksy district a poor region in the south of the country
468. Protein (proteïen) :: Cover half your plate with vegetables then a quarter with carbs and a quarter with protein
469. Repeat (herhaling) :: Mark had to repeat first and second grades
470. Schizophrenia (skisofrenie) :: Patients and families sometimes become worried about the antipsychotic medications used to treat schizophrenia
471. Support (ondersteuning) :: shes been through a bad time and needs our support
472. Well (goed) :: Here was a woman who had done her best to raise her family well in difficult circumstances
473. Wellness (welstand) :: when you come right down to it stress affects every aspect of wellness

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