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331. Bookkeeper (boekhouer) ::
332. Consolidate (konsolideer) :: Carrying on an old tradition many airlines have been known to cancel a flight to consolidate the numbers of passengers on board
333. Executive (uitvoerende) :: The managing directors of the subsidiary organizations felt that the management executive would never see it their way and would continue to cut their budgets
334. Foreman (voorman) :: More often workers and union committeemen verbally abused or threatened their foremen and supervisors
335. Industrial (industriƫle) :: Being an industrial town renowned for the innumerable smallscale industries Coimbatore is no longer a place with old gadgets and ageold systems
336. Industrialism (industrialisme) :: It was the unearned increment which opened the West and laid the basis for our present colossal industrialism
337. Industry (bedryf) :: The court is siding with the entertainment industry in its effort to curb online piracy
338. Overdraft (oortrokke) :: Credit cards overdrafts and personal loans are unspeakably expensive
339. Poverty (armoede) :: She is up against poverty of imagination prudishness bigotry and ladies locked into pain
340. Pull (trek) :: the pull of the water tore her away
341. Restructure (herstruktureer) :: Patrick had restructured its organization setting up laborsupply subsidiaries as employers of its unionized workforces
342. Slump (insinking) :: the organizations recent slump
343. Sponsor (borg) :: What is lacking is initiatives that sponsor research into the Australian city that can in turn impact and benefit the practice of city making
344. Strategy (strategie) :: The second prong of his strategy is to achieve further reforms of the labour market
345. Undercut (sny) :: By tying the two together it was just long enough to assist the top part of the climb until an undercut gave access to a narrow rift and easier descent

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