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61. Coerce (dwing) :: Rather than coercing behavior via laws communitarians advocate persuading fellow citizens through shame and appeals to community norms
62. Coercion (dwang) :: it wasnt slavery because no coercion was used
63. Cogent (oortuigende) :: Readers who care enough to email me with a cogent and considered response will of course always be taken seriously
64. Cogitate (denkbeeld vorm) :: The CD is a more personal affair deep cogitative blues mingling with the bleaker registers
65. Cognitive (kognitiewe) :: She may want to believe you when you say that but she cant shes mentally and cognitively unable to process that idea in a meaningful way
66. Colander (vergiettes) :: Mismatched coloured tiles and giltframed mirrors decorate the walls and theres an eccentric chandelier made out of whisks ladles and colanders
68. Collate (versamel) :: The evidence collated by our officers will remain on file to be used should another infringement occur
69. Colloquial (volksmond) :: Ira had a great ear for colloquial language especially the language of sports
70. Collusion (Samespanning) :: The minister alleged the report was done in collusion with dissidents inside and outside the country
72. Commandeer (kommandeer) :: Striking workers and the local population have commandeered over three dozen oil wells to force negotiations for a bigger share of oil revenues
73. Commensurate (eweredig) :: He said the greatly reduced security operation was commensurate with what police thought the threat of violence was
75. Complacent (selfvoldaan) :: Plus decades of access to cheap oil has made us lazy and complacent about energy
76. Complaisance (inschikkelijkheid) ::
77. Compliant (voldoen) :: In addition be aware that products compliant to the same standard may vary dramatically in performance
79. Concatenate (koppel) :: The program stores image streams in a single file concatenating each successive image onto the end of the file

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